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airport transfers

Call us if you need a transport service (8 persons max.), airport transfers (Rijeka-Krk, Pula and Venice) and other tourist destinations. Transport services for day-trippers, hikers, cyclists and divers.

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Eco-tourist programmes

These excursions can be tailored to your own interests and according to your stay.
Please email us for more information

1. Visit to the unique griffon vulture colony
We depart from the Hotel Kimen and stop at an olive oil factory cooperative in which we try virgin olive oil and see what emerges. We leave Cres and stop at the 45th Parallel with an explanation of it importance. Continue driving and stopping at Križić: brief explanation of the biodiversity of the island, view of the bird colony and the largest peak on the island.
The ride continues in the direction of Beli. Short stop at Sv. Petar: tour the oldest oak trees on the island.
In Beli we have a scheduled visit to the Eko-Centar. Followed with an expert interpretation of the exhibition on the biodiversity of the islands of Cres and Lošinj, an exhibition about the griffon vultures and a tour of their sanctuary (with photographic opportunity).
After Eko-Centar, we start the red trail to the centre of Beli, where we visit the old 'toš' (mill) for processing olives. We continue along the red path. It is a combination of poetry, art, history and nature.

2. The abandoned village's trail

We depart from the Hotel Kimen towards Beli. From Beli we walk part of the green path. Enter the abandoned village of Frantin. It used to be a school. We visit the village church. Then we enter the hunting area in Dol (a large meadow surrounded by high walls, which was inhabited in Roman times, after WWII it was converted into a restaurant that was accessible only from the sea). From Dol we head towards the abandoned hamlet of Trebijanščica (where people lived from livestock). We continue on to the hamlet of Jelen, an old manor house. Next we continue to Konac - meaning 'the end' (a village at the end of the island - from where it takes its name). During the Austro-Hungarian period, there was a military observation post and it had controlled the entire Bay of Rijeka. A beautiful view. From Konac we head towards Ivanje. We continue to Kosmačeva (the largest pond on the island that does not dry up even during the times of drought). Continuing along the purple path to the former fort (ruins of ancient houses). We arrive at the abandoned village of Žanjevića. After the purple trail to continue more old settlements and return to Beli.
This trip involves a lot of walking, and it can be shortened.

3. The labyrinth's trail
We depart from the Hotel Kimen towards Beli. Green trail going to Lada's labyrinth. Then the village Žanjevići under which Dolac is Ishtar's labyrinth. After this, we drive to Tara's labyrinth, then to Rusalka's labyrinth, to Vesna's, Lada's labyrinth and return on the red part of the track to Beli.

4. Cres-Sv. Blaž trail
We depart from the Hotel Kimen on the old Roman road towards Štarganac where we turn to Sv. Blaž. We return on the recently marked road to Sv. Salvadur and then to the Hotel Kimen.

5. Napoleonic Times trail

We depart from the Hotel Kimen to Pišće (where we will find out the importance of water on the island). With the Napoleonic trail we come to Krčina. After that, we go to Loznati. From Loznati we reach Antonski (Cres's former vineyards) and then return to Cres.

6. Cres-Bartolomej-Merag
We depart from the Hotel Kimen to Bartolomej (old churches and ancient beginnings of Cres). We will descend into the Merška cave. After that, go to Merag and then the ferry port where we wait for transport back.

7. Cres-Valun
We depart from the Hotel Kimen on the water way until the asphalt road for Valun. In Valun we visit the cemetery where the famous Valun tablet was found and learn about ancient Slavic traditions of eating in the cemetery and an introduction to the town. We return by boat or combi.

8. Martinščica-Vidović-Lubenice
We go by bus to Martinščica. From here we travel on foot to Vidović and Lubenice. In Lubenice we walk down to the sea where a boat takes us back to Cres.

9. Srem-Plat-Verin-Loze
The bus leaves us at the crossroads of Srem. We walk towards the village of Srem, towards Plat, Verin and Loze. We return to Podolice where the bus will wait for us.

10. Trip to Mount Osoršćica
The bus leaves us in Nerezine and waits for us in Osor, and we walk uphill from Nerezine up Osoršćica and then we descend to Osor.

11. Grabrovica-Valun
We take a boat to Grabrovica. Walk to the village of Grabrovica. To Pernat, Zbičina and Valun. In Valun a boat will wait for us which takes us back to Cres.

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